Tuesday, April 3, 2012

YYCCC, You have got to be kidding me... #431-2012

My son & I got off the CTrain @ Sunnyside Station yesterday and looked over to where the old Triangle Building used to be. The hoarding skirt has been removed and you can now see clearly through the chain link fence and view an urban agriculturalist's dream come true... a vacant lot with mounds of top soil. Imagine my exhilaration when I saw them spreading the top soil! I thought, "Wow, the city does get it. They're prepping for a community garden." 

The space, one block from Kensington, is perfect for a community garden. In fact, it has the potential to be the most successful CG in Calgary in its first year. (Location. Location. Location.) The site reminds me of a community garden project in Portland that I have always thought had a great ROI and a superior used growing space to unused space ratio.

But this is Ward 7, and with all things YYCCC, my euphoria was short lived.

Turns out they will be spraying HydroSeed. or liquid grass seed with a green dye.

Yes, more grass. Grass.  Kentucky Blue Grass, Calgary's most invasive plant species. The stuff that eats up the Parks & Rec budget. The same plant the City of Calgary exhausts 800,000+ person hours a year cutting, watering and maintaining.

~Paul Hughes