Monday, April 9, 2012

Grass aka Green Concrete chosen over Community Garden in Sunnyside (of all places...)

Even though "camouflaged" by Hydroseeding, this still looks like an awesome community gardening site.

This decision has been forced onto the citizen's of Sunnyside. The City of Calgary's own Engage! Policy has not been followed. Where's the bylaw ticket for not following policy?

So, regardless of what Calgary Council & Mayor Nenshi would have you believe, seemingly well crafted policy is not followed, citizens and communities continue to be ignored and marginalized as political collateral damage & engagement (see Engage!) is just a buzzword.

Engage! states:

The City of Calgary Engage! Policy assigns high priority to informing and involving citizens & stakeholders early on & throughout the process, where decision(s) impact their lives.

Sunnyside was neither informed, nor involved. Period.