Thursday, December 22, 2011

St Pat's Housing for the Homeless is successful!

Identified as one of the only successful Occupy camps of the 1500 across the planet, the St Pat's organization continues to place individuals into programs for housing, education & employment. Additionally, counselling for a variety of issues is also being accessed from local agencies. A byproduct of the experience is an identification of best practices within the homeless network, as well as gleaning deeply relevant information on systemic ommissions and inefficiencies. There are significant chasms in service delivery, areas which St Pat's will target on the Compassion Continuum.

The St Pat's Co-op is formalizing and discussions continue with numerous local organizations, focused primarily on the One STOP Shop (employee owned BottleDepot, FarmersMarket, EmploymentAgency, HealthServices, Bike Repairs, Communications, Services, Supports, Training, et al) & the MHOPP (Micro Home Ownership Pilot Program) which includes the CCFI (Calgary Community Farm Initiative) on the TUC (Transportation and Utility Corridor).

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