Sunday, April 8, 2012

#YYCCC #ABVOTE 2012 NHL Play Off Pool for Charity

Predictions, predictions, predictions...

#YYCCC #ABVOTE 2012 NHL Play Off Pool for Charity*

Raising funds* for the Calgary Food Bank

100% to the Calgary Food Bank
Winner receives the honour of title: Champion of the Hockey Pool #yyccc #abvote Universe

Entry: $10
10 picks

Total points of all 10 player picks declares winner
Total of goals (1pt) & assists (1pt) from each of 10 player selections wins the pool
Pick your team via email registration or live at 1028 Memorial Dr NW APRIL10, 2012, 7:30pm. Email entries must be accompanied by payment* before end of 2nd game 1st round.

Send your 10 picks by email to [2012NHLPool]


Contact Pool Commissioner: Paul Hughes c403.383.3420

*This Pool is strictly by donation. It is independent and not formally affiliated with the Calgary Food Bank, but we sure are fans of the work they do!

**All monies rcvd will go directly to the Calgary Food Bank. In fact, mail your cheques as a donation directly to the Calgary Food Bank. Just tell us you've done this, we trust you!