Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The #1 hurdle to housing families in Calgary

I have asked numerous times that a damage deposit & 1st month's rent fund be created. This is the #1 hurdle to families becoming housed in Calgary.

The fund would be accessed as a loan. Repayment based on financial capacity.

Here's what damage deposit and 1st month's rent looks like on a $2000/month rental...

$2000 + $2000 = $4000 This must be paid before taking possession. Very difficult for a young family to both be unstable/homeless and save $4000.  

A single person, renting a basement suite at $800/month... $800 + $800 = $1600... Again, difficult to accomplish when not in a stable home environment. 

The City of Calgary has some very expensive maps, they just don't follow them

Here's an example from City of Calgary's "Social Outlook":
"A lack of sustainable funding also challenges
the ability of many agencies to provide longterm
support. At the same time, there is a lack
of coordination among service providers, and
competition for funding limits their ability to fully
explore and capitalize on partnership opportunities.
Access to programs and services could benefit
from partnerships between organizations such
as schools, family resource centres, mainstream
organizations, immigrant serving agencies and
ethno-cultural groups"
(Hurlock et al, 2004; Howard
Research, 2001, Boakye, 2009).

Social Outlook