Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy 30th Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms!

The Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms turns 30 on Tuesday. 

Prime Minister Harper is not celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Charter. Read story here.

This is unforgivably shameful conduct on the part of our PM. Our soldiers defend it, Harper ignores it.

The Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms has replaced the American Bill of Rights as the constitutional document most emulated by other nations. Read about our Gift to the World here.

There are many reasons why I support the principles of the Charter. I was raised to respect my country and its laws. I served my country as a soldier. Having just attended a 5 day trial where I was self represented and challenging the constitutionality of a law, based on a number of Charter arguments, this is a day that I will celebrate.

The decision on my Charter challenge is due on 09May12. My son's birthday...