Monday, April 16, 2012

Right Hand, meet Left Hand

The Corporation (City of Calgary) just spread topsoil and hydroseeded this field in Sunnyside, the former location of the Triangle Building.

Ignoring requests to create a community garden in the unused space, Ward 7 Ald Druh Farrell proceeded with her own plan.

After the demolition of the Triangle building, this area was mostly a mix of gravel and clay, significantly better staging ground cover than topsoil. Apparently, the Sunnyside LRT Station requires this area for a platform expansion. An option would have been to locate the Site Office & trailers on the road, thereby reducing the construction footprint & impact on the community. Instead of a coordinated effort, we get another half-assed effort and unique insight into how the Corporation is out of sync.

Further confirmation that the Corporation is focused and never misses an opportunity to waste taxpayer dollars.

Look for more hilarity when it rains.