Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sugar Tsunami: Hyper Driven Youth: 1,400 empty calories of pure sugar. Is this really good 4 our kids?

Is this really good 4 our kids?
A Day’s Worth of Sugary Drinks Adds Up to A Whopping 93 Sugar Packets

In a continuing effort to educate New Yorkers about the potentially serious health effects of consuming sugary drinks, the NY Health Department launched the latest installment of its “Pouring On the Pounds” health education campaign. The 30-second spot shows how a day’s worth of sugary drinks can add up. Building on a previous campaign, sugar content is measured in “packets” to illustrate how a daily routine of just a few sweetened drinks can cumulate to a whopping 93 packets of sugar by the end of the day. These excessive amounts of sugar would amount to almost 1,400 empty calories of pure sugar – that’s nearly ¾ of the daily recommended calories for most adults. The spot ends with devastating images of the serious potential health consequences of obesity and diabetes.

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