Saturday, February 19, 2011

Calgary vs New York City (5 Boroughs)

#YYC vs #NYC
~1. Size? Comparable
~2. Population? 1.2M vs 11M
~3. Food Policy? Nil vs Progressive

New York is aggressively identifying all potential urban ag spaces, including lawns & rooftops. This is the NYC Land Inventory Project.

Calgary has an abundance of unused space, suitable for Urban Ag (most of Calgary is built on farmland), to the tune of 22,000 acres from an empty land inventory of almost 100,000 acres. Calgary is finally embarking on a LIFA: Land Inventory & Food System Assessment this summer, 3 years after it was first suggested to the Bronco regime.

NYC has 600 community gardens and numerous community farms.

Calgary has 50 community gardens on less than 10 acres of space & no community farms.

Calgary can become a world leader in Urban Agriculture.