Friday, February 18, 2011

Citizens back on top?

Some quick comments on the YYCCC (City of Calgary City Council or Corporation of the City of Calgary) org chart. The 1st example, an older org chart, clearly has citizens at the top, reflecting democratic principles. The next, & latest version, has removed the citizens, symbolically representing the demotion given citizens by the current bureaucratic/administrative regime. It is unknown if YYCCC removed citizens intentionally, however the mere fact WE (the citizens) are absent is a massive contradiction to democratic principles & imagineCalgary targets for governance.

The last example is my quick rework to reflect the present reality, having become too impatient with the City Manager's office to do this after requesting the change last month.

Paul Hughes

Edit 1 date: 26June12: I found this from the City of Calgary Annual Report 2006: Milestones, clearly showing citizens at the top of the org chart...

Edit 2: This is the revised org chart as of March 2012, clearly showing citizens NOT on top of the org chart...

Edit 3: 
And now these org charts from past City of Calgary Annual Reports:

& the link that takes you to the revised March 2012 org chart: