Monday, February 28, 2011

The Future of the SunnySide Triangle Building

The Future of the SunnySide Triangle Building, located at 1020-2nd Ave NW is undetermined.

SunnySide Triangle Building Strategy Group, a citizen driven ad hoc org, has been struck.

There is no formal contact info as of yet, but I would be happy to pass on any ideas, suggestions or concerns you may have. A facebook group will be up promptly and you can also comment there. This was the FB event.

My concerns are about negligence & "Acting With Due Care". Here is my letter, dated 28Feb11, to The Mayor & Council:

Dear Calgary Mayor & Aldermen,

The following questions are with reference to the property known informally as the Sunnyside Triangle Building (STB), located at 1020-2nd Ave NW.

1. There is a question of "Act with Due Care". How was this building allowed to deteriorate to such a state (presuming the engineering report is accurate), while in the care and control of the Calgary Housing Company and the City of Calgary?

2. Who slated the Sunnyside Triangle Building (STB) to be torn down? Who decided this course of action? How was it determined?

3. Have the citizens decided the future of this building and space through an engagement process?

4. What are the timelines associated with redevelopment?

5. Is this decision an act of City of Calgary Council?

6. A. What department was responsible for the STB property prior to "people being moved out"?
6. B. What department is now responsible for the STB building and property?

7. Please provide a copy of the final engineering analysis on the roof, with all proprietary information excluded.

8. Will the City of Calgary Council assist with access to this building for the purpose of a 2nd opinion on the roof?


Paul Hughes