Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Epic delays on Contaminated Sites in Calgary: The New Urban Pollution: Visual

This graphic from UEP's council approved 2012-14 budget says it all, especially:

PM3.2 Cumulative number of current vacant former gas station sites actively pursued for the 
purpose of returning to productive community use. 

According to this chart, we have projected a total of 2 sites returned to productive use, from some 27+ hectares (66+ acres).

The UEP wants to increase its inventory by almost 400%, yet continues to be deficient in addressing fundamental remediation of the properties.

The vacant former gas station sites are located in high traffic areas. Short term uses include farmer's markets and other sales/retail & cultural events. Sites are fenced and could display public art. Many sites are unkempt and in highly visible locations, creating a new type of contamination, visual pollution, in our neighbourhoods. Site Environmental Remediation could include numerous strategies currently employed by industry.

Alternatively, responsibility for remediating these sites could be transferred to a another party, based on 

Remediation Liabilities Related to Contaminated Sites

Regardless, the current approach is neither effective nor is the outcome desirable, as pictured below.