Friday, July 13, 2012

Future use of Sunnyside Triangle Site

The Future of the Sunnyside Triangle Site has been discussed by area residents and citizens for many years.

Here are some suggestions for the future of the Sunnyside Triangle (with links):

1. Policy:

The City of Calgary must follow its engage! Policy. Citizens and residents are to be consulted on the future use of this area. Citizens and residents are organizing to reclaim this public space and to ensure that their ideas are heard and implemented. There is still a bad taste left with many residents from the Anthill Building fiasco.

2. Interim Adaptive Temporary Use: 
The concept of AREA should be applied to this area.
AREA= Art+Rec+Education+Environment+Entertainment+Ag
Groups representing these genres would work together to share the "AREA", making it a robust, vibrant, inclusive, community centric space.
Interim use should include a Community Garden with veggies, herbs & flowers, busking space, benches and common area, public art & production, outdoor theatre space, small festival space (music & performance), playground, pathway, space for yoga, badminton, volleyball, putting; rain water collection, solar panels for lamps, area for food kiosks & artisans, bike parking, mini amphitheatre, et al.

3. Long Term Use: 
A mixed use Community Centre on the first 3 floors & truly affordable housing on the remaining 4-6 floors.
The mixed use 1st floor should include a Daycare with Indoor Park for winter use, Farmer's Market, Art Space (Market Collective, exhibitions, theatre, studios, artisans, et al), Human Powered Traffic Space (Good Life Bikes), open meeting space and event area, indoor garden, et al.
2nd & 3rd floors should include meeting space, not for profit & social enterprise office space, unique retail, computer access, community services, government services (health centre, family supports), community library and viewing/relaxation area.

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