Monday, June 18, 2012

sPARK = Spontaneous Park

Tavis Ford & I hosted the 1st sPARK (Spontaneous Park) back in 2008. It was on 17th Ave in front of Reid's Stationery. I coined the word sPARK as we were assembling the numerous items we had collected for our Saturday morning mission on 17th Ave SW. I was actually stung by a wasp on my eyelid when we went to move the items from some bike folks who were renting a row of houses and lived behind the old Blockbuster.

The 1st sPARK lasted over 36 hours. Tavis would diligently pay the meter for the 2 parking spots we took up using the new Parkplus system. The Calgary Parking Authority lady who had the beat for our sPARK, got into the habit of just hiding her face and scurried by.

There are pics of the event and a facebook group. The facebook group was decimated by facebook's group migration policy, but many of the comments and picks still remain.

A sPARK google group!forum/publicspacecalgary

There is also a comment on this video from me 2 years ago (Apaulo Agrinaut)

So, there's some very ironic twists to this story involving John Mar, Tavis Ford, Potatoes for the People,  vacant spaces, OccupyCalgary St Patrick's Island, OccupyCalgary Olympic Plaza, Paul Hughes and a cast of 1000's...

... and here's a little gem that was part of the sPARK theme...