Friday, May 11, 2012

Pedestrians 1st Policy for a Walkable City

I want to commend Chinook Mall for prioritizing pedestrian safety. The City of Calgary could learn a thing or ten from this picture that demonstrates the effectiveness of highly visible signs
In a city with so much visual pollution, safety for our children and pedestrians should be paramount. We have far too many unmarked, poorly lit crosswalks. I encourage the City of Calgary to initiate a program that establishes human traffic and pedestrian safety as a #1 priority and sets as a target Calgary being ranked #1 in pedestrian safety

Now, that's a walkable city!

Check out some of the elements of a superior human traffic safety system... 
Paul's Pedestrian Preservation Pilot Project

Chinook Mall, Calgary
Chinook Mall, Calgary
Star Wars has all the answers.

Superior Lighting from solar crosswalk

Glowing poles, yah!
More solar power & visibility

Pedestrian Safety helps drivers, too!

Super visible crosswalks!

High visibility is the objective!

Yup, they glow!

Simple options... paint the poles with bright contrasting colours!

Highly visible, solar powered crosswalk

Movable signage for peak periods.

The most famous crosswalk...