Wednesday, March 14, 2012

On St Patrick's Day, Think About St Patrick's Bridge

The St Patrick's Bridge requires some TLC (basic infrastructure maintenance), but as my engineering friend said, "This bridge isn't going anywhere for 50 years."

He suggested that the city has been neglecting this bridge for quite sometime. Some paint, lights and a little clean up and the bridge would just pop! 

And, perhaps more importantly, it wouldn't cost $25 Million!

Visit the bridge and decide for yourself!


Beautiful span!

Structurally sound!

Needs some paint! Wood is in perfect condition?


"What's the problem here?"

"Safe for everyone!"

"Remember... No camping!"

"Calgary Heritage deserves better!"

Here's the solution:

1) Do not destroy the exisiting span.
2) Light the pathway properly.
3) Build the shorter span to Bridgeland LRT
4) Save $23 Million dollars