Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bridge 2 Nowhere

Dear Mayor Nenshi & Calgary City Council,

RE      Stop the Bridge 2 Nowhere

Disclosure: Mayor Nenshi sits on the CMLC Board of Directors

How Calgary can save $25 Million:

CMLC & East Village want to spend yet another $25Million on yet another pedestrian bridge. In this case, however, a functional, structurally sound bridge already exists.  The Bridge 2 Nowhere is irresponsible development and has all the hallmarks of those that like to spend taxpayer dollars on frivolous, non essential infrastructure. As we have learned from the Calatravesty, the project will also, most likely, be delayed and significantly over budget. It will have a significant negative environmental impact on St Patrick's Island and the riparian/river assets, something stake holders were adamant about avoiding.

And, as if to add salt to the wound, the CMLC will:

1) Destroy the old, completely functional, heritage bridge and

2) NOT, I repeat, NOT be adding 1 (one) new single unit of new affordable housing to the East Village inventory.

The Bridge 2 Nowhere is the type of decision where we expect our local (& provincial) politicians to intervene to help end the East Village Spending Spree. Rational and taxpayer sensitive/respectful decison-making should prevail.

Yours in Stopping Yet Another $25 Million Foot Bridge,

Paul Hughes

ps What engaged citizens can do:

1) Contact the Mayor, your Alderman or MLA or preferably, all three.
Mayor's office: 403.268.5622
Aldermanic Offices: 403.268.2430
MLA Directory: 310.0000

2) Contact the CMLC & CEO Michael Brown: 403.718.0300

3) Join the Facebook Group & Follow @Bridge2Abyss Twitter Account

Facebook: Say NO to another $25 Million Bridge in Calgary