Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's 2011... Time to STOP KILLING of Big Game in Canada

Stop Killing Big Game in Canada.

Facebook: Stop, Halt, Ban Big Game Sport Killing in Canada

Big Game Hunting has targeted the most genetically gifted animals throughout history, so that a head can be hung on a wall. They refer to themselves as hunters although they use high powered, scope enabled weapons from a distance. This is a complete bastardization of the term hunter. The terms that best describes this microscopic demographic of our society is killer, sniper, assassin, murderer, executioner and coward. Although few in numbers, they have a disporportionate impact on our ecology by killing our superior genetic diversity. It's 2011, we know better. Ask your MP/MLA to Stop or Halt Big Game Sport Executions in Canada.

Start with our Prime Minister: Twitter: @PMHarper

There are individuals who will "hunt" animals like Moose and Deer for meat, based on a tag system. They are excluded from the above characterization.

For an example of the type of operations that serve a very exclusive clientele focused on removing genetic diversity from future generations, see: (Please add more examples in comments section)