Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mayor Nenshi "I support the Urban Chicken Pilot Project"

Mayor Nenshi, at the time a candidate for Mayor, attended the CFPC Food & Sustainability Mayor's Forum on World Food Day, Saturday, 16OCT10.

With less than 24 hours before the 2010 Calgary Civic Election, Mayor Nenshi stated that he supported an Urban Chicken Pilot Project. Now, this does not, by any stretch, suggest that he supports Urban Chickens, but he does support knowledge based data gathering on the issue.

Jump forward to June 2011 and the City of Calgary (#yyccc on twitter) Legal Department is still pursuing the prosecution of an Urban Chicken owner, Paul Hughes (me). The legal department is now directly contravening multiple imagineCalgary targets, including 6 specific food targets. The hole the City of Calgary Legal Department (and as an extension, Calgary City Council) is digging gets deeper and deeper.

Add to the mix the concept of urban, periurban and rural agrarian/agricultural urbanism transects (thx Ald. Gian Carra), Article 25 of the UNHRD, Sections 1 & 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom and The City of Calgary Council's own CSPS034 Fair Calgary Policy, and the YYCCC Legal Department is essentially stepping into an ambush, except there are signs everywhere indicating that it is an ambush... which means they are precariously disconnected from their own policy, legislation, governance targets and society.


1. Drop the charges against Hughes (me),
2. Resurrect the Urban Chicken Pilot Project that was so skillfully constructed by Bylaw Director Bill Bruce and his staff,
3. Pursue the facts of Urban Chickens and Urban Agriculture,
4. Immediately implement imagineCalgary Food Targets
5. Adopt Urban Ag Zoning Codes
6. Support the Calgary Community Farm Initiiative
7. Amend the draconian Community Gardening policy
8. Support the efforts of citizens working on the Land Inventory Food Assessment, LIFA
9. Catalogue all municipal land and create the conditions for citizens to easily access these areas for local food production
10. Allow the 80% of Brownfields that were formerly gas stations to be used for temporary Food Retailing, ie Farmers' Markets
11. Plant that garden at Old City Hall

We shall see how progressive our elected officials are.