Thursday, March 24, 2011

Food & Art Citizen Budget Engagement Conversation Potlucks

“I want to go from 15 problem solvers around the Council table, to 15,000 staff who are problem solvers, to over a million citizens who can solve the problem – together.” ~Mayor Nenshi

What are your thoughts on the budget process?

Food & Art Citizen Budget Engagement Conversation Potlucks

Food Budget Engagement Potluck 29March11 @6.30pm @1028 Memorial Dr NW

Art Budget Engagement Potluck 05April11 @6.30pm @1028 Memorial Dr NW

Sunnyside LRT station is 2 blocks North.

All welcome. Contact me @403.383.3420 or to confirm attendance.


Conversation Budget Kit Hosting Workshops (March 16-22)Eager to lead your own conversation...starting March 16 a series of workshops will be held to train citizens, staff and community organizations to host your own conversation using the Budget Kit and discussion guides, and submit your input directly to us.

Each year elected representatives make some hard decisions about where our tax dollars are spent. City services affect our lives every day, and the services The City delivers are the path to developing the city you envision. Budgets are a reflection of your values, priorities and needs, and a tool to deliver services that are important to citizens, Council and staff. We want you to tell us: What do you value? What is a priority to you? There’s only so much money available – how is it best spent? What trade-offs are you prepared to make to create the future we all want? Take this opportunity to get involved and have your say!

Don’t wait. Participate!
Our City. Our Budget. Our Future.