Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reusable vs Plastic Bag

Mac & I were living in the small town (500 ppl) of Leaf Rapids, in Northern Manitoba, when they decided to ban plastic bags... 1st municipality in North America to do so.

Here's the collector's edition commemorative reusable bag honouring the local legislation.

I grew up in Leaf Rapids in late 70's, early 80's... this was an exciting day for this little town that showed leadership on an environmental issue.

To this day, everyone uses reusable bags.

When I moved to Calgary, I met with some aldermen/councillors on this issue. In particular, John Mar.

Time for #YYCCC to revist this issue and show leadership in the face of what Toronto is juggling.

Via Wayne Roberts: There's a controversy going on in Toronto now about the value of the five cent a plastic bag tax for food shoopers. Here's a powerful business case for keeping the tax, an example of a green tax that supports green behaviour in two ways -- one by saving people money if they do the right thing, and two by arrangements to contribute that five cent penalty to fund enviro groups.

Map of Leaf Rapids