Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Less than 1% & CMLC pulls the trigger on yet another $25M Bridge in Calgary

Kudos to Chris Ollenberger (twitter: @collenbe) for engaging on twitter on the subject of another $25M bridge in Calgary. Unfortunately, by suggesting 7000 people (less than 1% of Calgary's population) polled actually "requested" a $25M bridge @ St Patrick's, Chris fails in his attempt to provide reasonable grounds for building yet another $25M bridge in a city that is averse to even the mention of such a waste of infrastructure money. Ollenberger is manipulative & laughable when he states, "7000 people requested the bridge." 7000 Calgarians are not going to suggest this as an option and CMLC/Stantec know this, so they devised a strategy that would allow them to pad their numbers. This is commonly known as "leading" -- suggestions that reinforce your position. If my 2010 run for Calgary mayor taught me anything, it was that Calgarians DO NOT support $25M foot/bike bridges. Now, to be clear, Calgarians support advanced infrastructure, but at a reasonable cost. Calgary should be the city of bridges. We should be encouraging the development of pedestrian bridges and even financing research and competitions to construct highly utilitarian bridges with a dash of artistry. But, another VANITY project? No, Calgarians believe funds can and should be allocated with a greater degree of science, scrutiny & respect.

To voice your opposition to yet another $25Million Bridge, send an email:
CMLC email:
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I oppose spending $25 Million of Taxpayers money on another Pedestrian
Bridge in Calgary. I support alternative options & urge City of
Calgary/CMLC to explore these immediately.

Less than 1% of #YYC population participated, & this is basis 2 build yet another $25M Bridge? #yyccc

Of the less than 1% of #YYC that responded, how many specifically requested another $25M bridge? #yyccc

What is rational about yet another $25M bridge? Is this new CMLC logic? 7K dictate to 993K? #yyc #yyccc